In this section we focus on the core feedback loop of our safety management - identifying mistakes and problems in the operation aiming to prevent them from becoming actual accidents and incidents. We look beyond the day-to-day operations and go in-depth on checking and maintaining the risk-management system to ensure it is working as planned. To make things simple, we continue to rely on our IAR as the main tool to follow up on incidents and things that are not going as planned (note: in Standards language, these are called 'non-conformities,' i.e. what is not conforming to the system).


Section Summary:

  • Tools and workflow for collecting relevant safety-related feedback for safety management using the following: Participant surveys; Internal audits; Monitoring operations through spot checks;
  • Tools and workflow for transforming the feedback into corrections and improvements
  • Data-based risk management:
  • How to add objectivity to unpredictable situations and incorporate continuous improvement in an operation
  • The required components of continuous improvement according to the standard (ISO)