Safety & Risk Management

Testimonial Spotlight

Ana Carolina Didyk Souza 

NOLS Instructor, ACA Instructor Whitewater, Rafting guide

My name is Ana, I am an outdoor educador from Brazil and a couple years ago I actively participated in the implementation of the SMS of a rafting company that I worked for. 

What I liked about the Safety & Risk Management courses in general is the overall message of implementing the SMS. The framing that is a company culture, not a checklist, that can be simple, breaks the myth of the complex systems by focusing on educating / engaging everyone and the steps of implementing. 

Special about the course is the experience of the instructors, using outside resources, like the interviews, the paperwork templates and at the end, course 7, how to give that start, for example creating the INDEX in google drive in a way to be organized, updated and easy to share with others. 

What I feel important that I learned is the ability to have a deeper understanding of the difference of what it is managing risks,(operating) and what it is to implement a SMS, with improvements and evaluations. 

To closure my main takeaways are to continue to educate myself, be a role model when it comes to implementing SMS, be engaged for example. Inspire others and companies to do the same. The course provides excellent framework in order to implement the SMS and inspire companies to do it.