This course is about the most important part of your safety management — people. People need to be at the center of everything you do in your SMS for two reasons: 

  • The SMS goal is about protecting people and avoiding accidents
  • It doesn't matter how good or organized or refined our SMS design is; people will operate it, and their execution of the SMS needs to be routine and consistent

Another key supporting part of an SMS is organization, and that starts with organizing the documentation. Since documents are simply tools, not the end or the central part, that organization needs to be simple to do. We will show you how to organize all the documents we have talked about so far to make them easy to use and update while solving the issue of document control. 

Section Summary:

  • Resources needed: time, money and people
  • Competence, awareness and communication
  • Ensuring all people related to your safety management are competent to do their role 
  • Examples and tips from organizations where that works
  • Safety culture and learning from incidents, and the important gains received from involving staff


  • What needs to be documented
  • A simple way to control your documents
  • The required components of supporting safety management according to the standard (ISO)