From tips by outdoor professionals on how to use the ISO as a useful benchmark, to interviews with the ISO authors about its role, how it was created and what is really important to focus on, to giving you an SMS Framework that is '’ready to go” to a self-assessment that identifies your strengths and areas of improvement. 

After this participants will have the knowledge and tools to implement an SMS according to the ISO requirements if they choose to do so.

Section Summary:

  • Understanding how to use standards and the ISO 21101 - How to understand requirements and if you should seek certification or attestation 
  • A panorama of the ISO scheme and standards for Adventure Travel
  • SMS Toolbox: the documents you need, organized per section, downloadable and with live links
  • A list view and a systemic view of the ISO requirements - "what do I need to do to comply with the SMS ISO standard?"
  • Your operation's / company's self-assessment (against the ISO requirements) and a "Road Map" for how to have a complete SMS according to the ISO requirements