Sustainability is a major issue in any activity and even more so in Adventure Travel. We rely totally on a preserved environment and lively communities to perform our job, right? These will only continue to exist if we put much dedication, effort and knowledge into issues like minimum impact, climate change, greenhouse effect and carbon footprint. More than knowledge, you need to concentrate your efforts on how to educate and connect your guests, staff and local people. In a way, we want you to become an Ambassador for Sustainability. Are you ready? 

In this course you will:

  • Learn why sustainability is essential in your guiding
  • Learn how to educate and connect your guests and communities you visit
  • Get familiar with 6 central criteria for sustainable guiding
  • Learn about the ISO Sustainability Standard for Adventure Travel
  • Learn why you need to become an Ambassador for Sustainability



  • 54 minutes of video lessons
  • 3 interviews with experts in community-based tourism, a WWF manager and ATTA’s Initiative for Climate Change manager
  • A 10-question quiz to check your knowledge
  • Optional: ISO 20611 - Sustainability in Adventure Travel