It is generally acknowledged that being a guide is about mastering activity techniques: rappelling, horse riding, kayaking for example ... Well this expertise is absolutely necessary but surely not enough! In this section we will concentrate on universal technical skills, the ones that apply for any activity and any destination: we will talk about navigation, natural phenomena interpretation, First Aid and Wilderness Medicine.

In this course you will:

  • Learn the difference between activity-specific skills and universal skills
  • Learn Navigation techniques
  • Get familiar with meteorology and its importance in decision making
  • Explore Natural Phenomena Interpretation
  • Learn basic techniques including the 3 all-time rules in First Aid and the concept of definitive care



  • 90 minutes of video lessons
  • Online exercises to practice before you go in the field
  • 3 tutorials for First Aid techniques: DR ABC, CPR and Recovery Position
  • Links to further reading and research
  • A 14-question quiz to check your knowledge