Product design in Adventure Tourism, as in all business, begins with an understanding of potential consumers’ needs and desires. This product development and experience design section explores how socioeconomic factors are changing the way people travel for leisure and how these changes are driving innovation.

Successful adventure operators constantly refine and update existing offers in addition to launching new experiences and tours. This section of the ATTA’s Adventure Travel Business Management course provides a structured product development approach to help participants design successful, appealing activities and experiences combined with the most appropriate travel services, to create world-class adventure travel products and offers. 

Course Curriculum

What you will learn in this course

  • How to research and apply consumer demand data.
  • Gain a market overview of experiential and transformational travel trends and product examples.
  • The product development process, including the key stages of Potential Market, Potential Resources; Packaging; Detailing; Testing; Launch; Refinement and Renewal.
  • Assess new and existing products for quality, safety and risk and market positioning. 
  • Why and how to ensure environmental and cultural sustainability.


Exercises in this course: 

  • Consumer Factsheet
  • Product Development Customer Checklist
  • Inventory of assets