This section takes a deeper dive into financial business modeling for ground suppliers and provides practical training for analyzing cost and sales structure. A common goal for many adventure travel business owners is to turn a passion for outdoor or cultural activities into a financially sustainable business. How do successful businesses record and manage revenues and costs, how do they determine pricing policy to drive sales, achieve profitability targets and deliver core business goals?

What You Will Learn

  • Types of pricing structures
  • The combination of rules and practices that govern business: B-to-B and B-to-C sales systems and commissioning
  • Cost structure by dividing into operational, fixed, and marketing costs
  • The profit index EBITDA and how to calculate EBITDA, gross profit, and net profit for your company
  • Adventure product pricing, including commission and taxes
  • Answer the key strategic questions any business owner must ask themselves
  • Managing fixed and operating costs including investment decisions, depreciation of assets, etc.
  • Managing profit and loss
  • Cash flow
  • Price setting

Course 2 Exercises

  • Worksheets to determine your business profitability
  • Worksheets to understand your pricing structure