‘Business Management Essentials’ examines the core competencies required to manage successful adventure travel businesses, large and small.  

The section begins with an overview of global adventure travel demand and a comparison with other types of tourism. How is changing consumer demand driving growth and innovation in adventure travel? What are the motivations of adventure travelers? How can demand data be sourced and used to create compelling travel products and successful businesses? 

On the supply side, the main types of Adventure Travel business are reviewed and the relationships between service and activity providers, resellers, operators and agents are explained.  

After considering the different business models, participants are introduced to the key concepts of business planning. Using a simple template provided with the course, participants can work through a Business Plan Checklist to review their existing business plans or create new plans for either for their business or for specific products.

After completing this section, participants will be able to take the first steps to create and implement a successful adventure travel business plan. 

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to the Business Management and Planning courses – what is included, how does the course work?
  • Types of Adventure Travel businesses (owner-operator, outfitter, accommodation providers, freelance guides, resellers, experience providers) by examining best-case models and examples. 
  • Developing a business plan and key considerations, vision, mission, funding, and investment and income.
  • The basic principles of successful product development.
  • The importance of developing sustainable business and marketing plans. 

Main Exercises

  • Visualize Success: developing vision and mission
  • Business Plan Checklist