Emergency Action Plan Simulations

Here are two clips of EAP simulations. One is how not to do it and one is how to do it.

Can you tell the differences? What are some of the differences? How can you go from the 'wrong way' to a better way?

Now let's look at practical steps and tips to test and improve EAPs.

When simulations are done to test the GoAdventure EAP, a form is used to help make observations and identify what is working well and what can use improvement. Senior staff is designated to observe field response and the office (or base) response.

You will notice that we use the "core feedback loop" of our safety system to ensure that any issues that need improving are dealt with:

Safety-related problems > IAR > Action Plans

During our safety team meetings (as per our weekly Schedule) the IARs are discussed and the Action Plans are followed through until all changes are made and all staff is aware of those changes.


Now it is your time to work on your emergency response. Reflecting on some of the information, thoughts and insights you had in this section, please write, rewrite or reevaluate your emergency response plan:

  • EAP field
  • EAP complete (field and office support)
  • EAP simulation checklist

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