Welcome to Managing Risk

This section covers the core element of all safety and risk management for adventure travel: what happens in the field in our programs - tours, activities, staff and clients. We will look into an established method and tools for analyzing risks, discuss setting up risk treatment mechanisms for operators, and elaborate on the key aspect of staff competence. 

Section Summary:

  • Identify your product's main risks and your organization's risk tolerance
  • How to choose what to control and how to keep the risks at the desired level
  • How to integrate the field operation with the safety management to monitor your safety performance so you can continue to improve it
  • The key issue of staff competence
  • The requirements of managing risks according to ISO 21101 - Adventure tourism — Safety management systems


In the next videos the following documents will be shown and explained. Please take a look at them and have them accessible, either printed or as an electronic PDF:

Here are the slides used in this course: Section 2 - Managing Risk