Climate Action Leadership Studio 2019

Future Proof Your Destination and Business with Practical Climate Action Strategies and Tools

Learn how to implement positive climate action strategies from destination and company leaders who are doing it successfully. While some notable travel companies and tourism destinations are already reaping the benefits of bringing their environmental values to the forefront of their operations and marketing, climate action is still a new area for many. This digital recording filmed in Sweden during the Adventure Travel World Summit offers a look at what some of the most progressive countries, destinations and companies are doing to take climate action. Gain ideas and capture practical strategies for your own organization.
At the conclusion of this course you will:
  • Know how to become a leader in the travel industry on climate
  • Take home practical actions you can implement tomorrow for the benefit of the climate and your business
  • Gain strategies for communicating with consumers in a way that motivates, inspires, engages

Course Content

Welcome and Introductions

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Exito Travel, Founder/Director of Culture Xplorers
Senior Director, Strategy + Impact, Adventure 360/ATTA

Climate Change and the Energy Transition We All Can Help Bring About

To start the course, we’ll put climate change into context and illuminate possible paths forward to a “climate smart society” through the collaboration of government, private sector and NGOs. Led by author and professor Karen O’Brien with special guests Judith Young of Scotland and Liisa Kokkarinen of Finland – two nations which have been progressive in environmental policies and engaging the business sector – this inspirational opening will show how each of us has the potential to support the larger purpose.

Co-Founder, cCHANGE
Scottish Government Program Lead - Adventure Tourism
Sustainable Arctic Destination, Sustainable Travel Finland

Climate Conscious Travel Branding For Tour Operators and DMOs

Values-driven marketing is connecting more strongly with consumers than ever before, a dynamic that is shifting how destinations approach marketing. In this session, learn from leading destinations on the front lines of climate change such as Banff Lake Louise in the Canadian Rocky Mountains; what works and doesn’t work when integrating sustainability and climate action messaging to travelers.
President & CEO, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism
Co-founder, Tidsverkstaden

Carbon Removal Technology: A Practical Primer for Travel Companies & Individuals

Among the many actions we will need to stem climate change, scientists agree that carbon removal is one link in the chain. Gain valuable perspective about the emerging market from the first company to build a commercial carbon removal plant, and learn how travelers can support positive climate action through their own carbon removal.
Business Development Manager, Climeworks

Carbon Offsetting Deep Dive For Tour Operators

Learn from Terres d’Aventure’s long journey to carbon offsetting: what worked, what didn’t and how they reached the point of offsetting 100% of their guests’ Carbon Dioxide emittance.

Managing Director, Terres d'Aventure

Storytelling Climate

Pete Bryant and Richard Bangs share how a social platform with a purpose can be used to build traveler engagement with your destination’s or company’s positive climate action stories. Gain ideas and insights from a recent project entitled “A Digital Day in the Life of Ireland,” which generated 300 stories and 1.9 million engagements. Finally, learn how your organization can participate in a new climate action story open to Climate Studio delegates, sharing your values and positive actions for the climate with global travelers.

Co-founder and CEO,
Chief Adventure Officer, Expedition Travel Advisor (ETA) and

Practical Examples of Climate Friendly Trips

Learn directly from tour operators about the operational steps they’ve taken to reduce their climate impact and tell their positive stories to travelers. Witness the challenges and benefits to using climate change as a focal point for impact adventures, and gain insights for positioning and marketing these experiences. Then, in small groups, work through practical climate action strategies for your business.

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Exito Travel, Founder/Director of Culture Xplorers
CEO, The Explorer's Passage
Co-Owner, Icelandic Mountain Guides
Managing Director, PolarQuest Expeditions

Closing: Looking Forward

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Exito Travel, Founder/Director of Culture Xplorers
President, Adventure Travel Trade Association / Adventure 360

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