Awareness of global climate change along with with a growing dissatisfaction with mass-market tourism, are causing an increasing number of leisure travelers to demand more environmentally and socially sustainable activities and experiences. Sustainability has become mainstream and is an essential business objective. Sustainable business practices often lead to more efficient operations, reducing waste and energy consumption, and ultimately reducing business costs. There are compelling business reasons to introduce sustainable operations.

This section examines the various approaches to social and environmental sustainability and identifies must-have sustainability standards for Adventure Travel businesses. The practical course explains how to implement effective sustainable business strategies based upon real-world examples and case studies from industry leaders. 

Participants can follow the practical exercises to complete an initial sustainable business plan (from the simple template provided) and will learn about specific actions to follow in future operations.

What you will learn in this course

  • Definitions, environmental, social and financial sustainability
  • Consumer trends
  • GSTC criteria
  • Other initiatives – Leave No Trace